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Developer: Frozen Bear Studios

Based in Toronto, Canada

Founding date: May 12, 2016


Press / Business contact:

Social: Project XSYS Twitter 

Releases: TBA

Phone: N/A


Frozen Bear Studios is a fledgling indie game studio dedicated to creating role playing games that push the boundaries of what is possible with small teams.  We enjoy creating games that players have not experienced before.  We differentiate ourselves by striving to do whatever our customers ask, whatever that may be. 


Frozen Bear Studios was unofficially founded in 2016 as an effort to create unique turnbased rpg game framework.   In 2017, development began on the engine's first game, Project XSYS.  Since that time, development has continued and significant progress has been made.   


Project XSYS is an untitled turn based rpg indie game that features true 3D grid based combat and multi-character party adventuring. The game has been in development for over a year and is planned to be released for the PC. 

As turnbased combat game, Project XSYS will introduce unique 3d movement options such as flying, hovering, climbing, and crawling.   


Developer video showcasing the unrestricted camera.   Don't mind the programmer art.